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SYMPHONY FOR ANA (Sinfonía para Ana).
a film by Ernesto Ardito and Virna Molina / Inspired by true events / Based on the novel “Symphony for Ana” by Gaby Meik / Argentina / 2017 / 119’/ Opera Prima/ Feature film / With the support of INCAA / This project won the First Prize at Opera Prima Competition organized by INCAA (National Institute of Film from Argentina). / Trailer: https://vimeo.com/204448018

This is the story of Ana, a teenager who lives in Buenos Aires in the seventies previously to the bloodiest Coup d’Etat in Argentina’s History. She wants to fall in love, to have a lot of friends, to fight for a better world.  Like many others youngs, she must grow up too fast because of political situation. Ana’s choice is hard:  to keep herself alive she should betray everything she loves.

Ana and Isa are inseparable friends who attend the prestigious and traditional National High School of Buenos Aires in the months leading up to the 1976 coup d’état. Both grew up with the idea that there are two essential things in life: experiencing true love and changing the world. When the time comes for Ana to fall in love, things are not so clear. The pressure from her student political group because she has fallen in love with a boy from another party and her own fear about having sex for the first time, cause her to distance herself from her boyfriend Lito and get closer to Camilo. Nothing will be the same. Her heart is trapped between two passions and – though she is only 15 years olds – the political reality will force her to make a fatal decision.

-Moscow International Film Festival, Main Competition, Russia, June 2017. Russian Film Critics’ Award.
-Durban International Film Festival, Official Selection, South Africa, July 2017.
-Gramado Int. FIlm Festival, International Competition, Brazil, August 2017.

Directed and Produced by: Ernesto Ardito y Virna Molina
Script and Editing:  Ernesto Ardito y Virna Molina
Art Director and Cameraman: Ernesto Ardito and Virna Molina
Executive Producer: Virna Molina
Director of Photography: Fernando Molina
Production Manager: Aníbal Garisto
Sound: Gaspar Scheuer
Based on the novel by: Gaby Meik

Isadora Ardito, Rocío Palacín, Rafael Federman, Ricky Arraga, Vera Fogwill, Rodrigo Noya.

The film is based in true events. The Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires has 108 students disappeared by the Military Dictatorship. The film is based in a novel written by Gaby Meik. She is a survivor student of this high school. Her best friend is disappeared. We made the casting principally among students of this high school and this place was filmed for first time. The goal was to film with teens who were studying at the same place where the real story happened. So, the film became in a bridge memory.
“Symphony for Ana” is our fiction debut. We made a not conventional directing work, because we made too,  the cameras, editing, music, animations, art, sound pre mix and correction color. Previously we made documentaries about human rights and literature issues.  To produce and finance  this film we won the First Prize at Opera Prima Competition organized by INCAA (National Institute of Film from Argentina). “Symphony for Ana” is our fiction feature debut.

Virna Molina (1975) and Ernesto Ardito (1972) are argentine filmmakers. They made 8 documentaries for cinema and TV. Their works obtained 42 international awards. “Symphony for Ana” is their first fiction film.
Their first documentary was “Raymundo” (2003), about Raymundo Gleyzer, documentary filmmaker disappeared by the military dictatorship. The film won 18 international awards. After this documentary, they made: “Heart of the Factory” (2008), “Nazion” (2011), “Alejandra” (2013), “Moreno” (2013), “The future is Ours” (2014). These feature documentaries obtained a large number of international awards and honors. They received financial support from: International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA), Fondation Altercine (Canada), INCAA (Argentina), Encuentro Channel ( Argentina).
Also, they made documentaries series for TV about the most important argentinean writers: Julio Cortázar, Jorge Luis Borges, Alejandra Pizarnik, Maria Elena Wash and Paco Urondo.  They teach in seminars about documentary film in different universities of the world.
Virna and Ernesto are married and they always directed their films together.

Virna Molina and Ernesto Ardito

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